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@alohadeee. Seeing you with Sebastian makes me happy and excited for the future. Seeing how you care for him the smiles you get when he smiles and just the vibe of seeing you with a child makes me sure that when we have our own child we will be ready. I love you. (at

Dear e30 of mine sorry I’ve been neglecting but I promise this year you will be getting new suspension and new wheels. (at

Meet @alohadeee’s nephew Sebastian. 👦

Last of @tayacay’s set that I will be posting. #tayacay (at

#ALazo | @tayacay 💦💦 #tayacay (at

Summer is on it’s way ! | @tayacay #ALazo (at

#ALazo | It was fun shooting with @tayacay yesterday but super hot. Here’s a couple of clips from yesterday photos will be up shortly. (at

#ALazo | @Tayacay (at

@underscorepatrick | All work and no play is no good at all.

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#Alazo | Hi @emilythemermaid 🌊 (at

#Alazo | Good lookin out to my bro @westwing_kj for hook in me up today. 👍📷📹 (at

Welcome to the WESTWING. | @westwinglb (at